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Is your business getting left behind?

Cash Flow Story helps businesses improve their performance.

Over 17000+ Businesses

Across 93 Countries

Using 1 Great System

Cash Flow Story is changing the way business look at their numbers, driving improvement to Profit, Cash Flow and Value.

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Simple to use.
Easy to understand.

The Code of a Business

Cash Flow Story delivers unique insights into the financial performance of a business and drives improvement to Profit, Cash and Value using these powerful concepts we have created:

  • Power of One

  • Business Value Indicator

  • The 4 Chapters

  • The Big 3 Cash Measures

These tools are unique to Cash Flow Story.


How does it work?

In under 10 minutes...

By entering 10 to 15 numbers, you will gain instant insight into understanding the code of your business and critical relationships between your numbers.

Once you have identified key problems and found areas that need improvement, you can apply this knowledge to your 7 critical levers to drive improvement to the Profit, Cash Flow and Value of your business.


The power of ONE is the DNA in your business

  Keeping it simple

We remove accounting jargon and use terms that simply "make sense".


Cash Flow Story is designed to help everyone understand their financial story in a simple, consistent and standard manner.

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We love to make things simple.

Built with love, a whole lot of coffee and a little bit of chamomile tea.

At Cash Flow Story, we love what we do, we are easy to deal with and very approachable.

We only release what we love and use ourselves. And if it’s not simple, we go back to the drawing board and start again.

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